Motorcycle racing legend Valentino Rossi runs an awesome motorcycle racing training camp called VR46 Riders Academy in Italy. As part of that training, the young two-wheelers get a boost in knowledge and racecraft from one of the best in the history of the sport. The riders learn at slower speeds using smaller and less engined bikes they call “minimoto” which are little two-stroke sport bikes that are incredibly awesome. Toss the seven-time champion onto one of these and entertainment ensues.

That’s the great thing about Vale; he’ll race anything on two wheels (and sometimes four) because he’s still genuinely enthusiastic about bikes. It doesn’t matter that a Minimoto is a fraction of the speed of his race bike, he’s just going to flat out hustle the thing around a small race and training circuit.

Everything matters just a little more when you are on a bike with not much horsepower. You have to get every corner and every transition and every shift perfect. I don’t think a proper aero tuck has ever been more instrumental in a quick lap time. Check out how low Rossi gets on this little thing.

Being a Extra Value Meal-sized American, I’d look like a circus bear on a tricycle if I were to hop aboard a Minimoto, but Valentino’s diminutive stature looks almost at home on one. I’d still like to give it a go, I think. Looks like fun.


Via RideApart