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V8 Ford Festiva, Now With Video

Everyone seemed to like the Ford Festiva powered by a rear mounted Chevy V8 driving the front wheels. So here's the video. As expected, it features such knockout classics as front wheel reverse donuts and the ever- popular chocked wheel burnout till tire explosion. Just to spice things up, cabin smoke choking driver is thrown in for fun. We like this video, even if it's just a bunch of hoons in a backyard acting the fool in a Festiva, which alternately sounds like a tractor and a funny car.


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As has been said:

"And so, my fellow Jalopniks, ask not what a country boy should hoon; ask what YOU can hoon in the country.

My fellow netizens of the Tubes, ask not what Jalopnik will do for YOU, but what together, we can do for the Hoonage of Man."