Uwe Gemballa's Hiding In Angola?

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On today's episode of "Where In The World Are Uwe Gemballa?" everyone's favorite missing German tuner is on the run in Luanda, Angola. Plus, a special guest appearance by Czech fugitive billionaire Radovan Krejcir! Cue Rockapella.


Just to update you on this crazy story: he of the flowing blonde hair and Porsche tuning "geniusness," Uwe Gemballa was reported missing in mid-February and some assumed he was kidnapped. And then, later, it turns out he filed for insolvency for his company before he left and installed his mom as the commander of a new one.

Then last week we discovered he was under investigation by the police for failure to file for insolvency quickly enough and his family dropped the reward for information leading to Uwe's discovery. So what happened? According to The Sunday Times of Johannesburg "police believe that Gemballa... has gone into hiding to avoid creditors."

Angola is the current place of inquiry given the relative ease of hiding, proximity to South Africa, and the existence of a Gemballa dealership in Luanda. However, Gemballa's Agent in Angola Mr. Cid Kus hasn't seen him.


"I'm worried where he can possibly be, i don't think he's in Angola, he would have called me to tell me to tell me," said Mr. Kus.

What we do know is, and we love this modifier, fugitive Czech billionaire Radovan Krejcir confirms he was supposed to meet Gemballa to talk about setting up a Franchise in South Africa but denies they met and claims to have no idea where he went.


We can now add Radovan's trunk and Angola to the list of places Uwe could be.

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Scandinavian Flick

Maybe he went to South Africa to get out of an arranged marriage and find a wife whom he can respect for her intelligence and will.

I am sure he will blend in well...