Gemballa Owner Not "Missing," Just Hiding From Government

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Yesterday, the exotic car world was preparing to mourn the loss of tuner Uwe Gemballa, who "disappeared" in South Africa last week. Turns out he's probably still alive, but we should prepare to mourn the loss of his company anyway.

Uwe is the owner of Gemballa, best known for producing insane tuner Porsches, but also other exotics, like the Enzo-based MIG-U1 above.

Apparently, Uwe's disappearance has something to do with German officials showing up and sealing the Gemballa facility yesterday and impounding all the cars inside. Private owners with cars caught up by this must be able to show definitive proof of ownership if they hope to reclaim their property. No word yet on what the cause of all of this could be. [via CarsUK]

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Jonathan Harper

Oooh I'd be bristling if my car was one of those sealed in the factory.

I smell lawsuits.