Unnamed GPS Manufacturer Scared Of iPhone GPS

The next-generation iPhone is coming soon and one of the big rumors is that the phone will include legitimate GPS and not the half-assed location-based GPS like the current generation. That has some other GPS manufacturers shaking in their boots. One unnamed president of a GPS manufacturer said the prospect of the iPhone with real GPS has him "scared shitless." We're not too surprised by this notion, either. With windshield suction mounts available, there wouldn't be a reason to drop a few hundred on a top-of-the-line GPS navigation unit when your mobile phone can accomplish the same job.


The high-end GPS units will always reign supreme over anything the iPhone has, but the convenience of having a Google Maps-supported GPS in your cell phone is mighty appealing. We're a little curious about which president has the cojones to make a statement like this. TomTom, is that you? [PopMech via Giz]

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