Using an iPod or iPhone in a car is going to be that much easier thanks to the latest round of goods from Griffin Technology. The WindowSeat is an oddly named, but simple gadget. It's a suction windshield mount for the iPhone or iPod Touch. If the next generation iPhone gets some legitimate GPS, this will be a nice $30 accessory to have. The other new goody is the iTrip AutoPilot. The AutoPilot is a glorified FM transmitter and charger for the iPod that connects via the standard dock connection of almost every iPod and will broadcast tunes over FM. It includes a 12V DC adapter with play, pause, forward and backward controls for the iPod or iPhone. It also includes a SmartScan feature to find the best FM station for transmission and has SmartSound Plus technology for clearer sound. The iTrip AutoPilot is available for $100. [iTrip AutoPilot; WindowSeat]


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