Mahalo Daily got a little face time with the UNICAT, an all-terrain, go-anywhere RV. This is really the love child of an RV and a tank. It comes with a 16-speed ZF gearbox, 480hp engine, queen-size bed, attachable "escape vehicle," deployable motorized raft, air conditioning, electric generator, full range of kitchen appliances, GPS out the wazoo, two 120-gallon gas tanks and more. All for the low, low price of $600,000. There's 8-12 month waiting list to get one. Something for the survivalist who craves comfort and mobility, perhaps? Or that die-hard fan of "Ark II?" Click to see Mahalo's video tour of the UNICAT. It may not be all that pretty on the outside, but when you have a vehicle of this magnitude, who gives a damn?[Mahalo Daily]