The Extra-Large Unicat: It Means it, MAN

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In case a Unimog-based Unicat go-anywhere RV simply isn't voluminous for you, the company does build an all-terrain 6x6 based on a MAN TGA chassis. Featuring GPS, a sixteen-speed ZF gearbox, 480hp, xenon headlights, a terlet, a shower and the all-important Very Loud Horns, the Unicat EX70-HD is "in charge" writ large. This is a manly vehicle, not to be purchased by showboating poseurs, but rather those who aspire to Bondlike studliness. We're pretty certain the collected works of Ennio Morricone and Lalo Schifrin come pre-loaded in the stereo, but you might call Unicat to check. You'll need them. [Thanks to Jeff Musical for the tip.]

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