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Unexploded WWII Ordnance Was Found At The Site Of Tesla's New German Factory

Illustration for article titled Unexploded WWII Ordnance Was Found At The Site Of Teslas New German Factory
Image: AP Images

Tesla has sourced a 740-acre plot of land in Gruenheide near Berlin, Germany for the EV company’s first European production facility. On Thursday local authorities confirmed that they had found seven WWII-era U.S. bombs on the site weighing around 110 pounds each, dropped but not exploded. A spokesman for the interior minister in the state of Brandenburg—where the property is located—told Reuters that the bombs have all been located and will be defused at some point in the future.


It isn’t all that uncommon to find unexploded bombs in rural areas across Europe, especially those involved in, you know, the war.


Tesla is planning to open the facility by 2021 to build batteries, drivetrains, and the Model Y. The German market is a large one for luxury vehicles, and Tesla hopes that giving its cars the “Made In Germany” stamp will help convince more Germans to buy Teslas.

Tesla has agreed to pay 490 million euros for the land.

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Third Gear

They better get the quality right. Germans won’t tolerate the panel gaps.

I own a Model 3. Best car I ever owned, but fit and finish still need improvement.