Mercedes CLA Production Halts As Factory Is Shut Due To Bomb Threat

According to Reuters, Daimler had to evacuate all staff from its Mercedes-Benz plant in Hungary after a bomb threat was made earlier this afternoon.

The bomb squad is currently doing a search and although it's pretty safe to presume that Daimler's $1.1 billion factory will still stand tomorrow, all employes had to leave the building, terminating CLA and B-Class production for today.


Hungarian news website Index reports that according to an employe's wife, conditions are far from ideal:

Nobody is allowed to leave the premises, my husband is in there too with the thousand people standing outside the buildings. They got no info on when can they go home, nor can go to the toilet, and while their last breaks were more than five hours ago, they don't hand out bottles of water either. Also, since phones had to be left inside, some workers can't contact their families to inform them about their whereabouts.

Let's hope those dogs will finish sniffing around the place soon. In the meantime, if you get your Mercedes a few days later than expected, blame 'an anonymous caller'.

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