Unchain the 1986 Toyota Turbo Truck

In 1986 Toyota introduced the most powerful small 4x4 truck that had existed to date. Equipped with a turbocharger on Toyota's famously bulletproof 22RE engine, according to this commercial, not even chains could hold back the truck's 135 horsepower.

Toyota trucks from the 1980s are cool. Ruggedly good looking and among the most dependable vehicles ever made, perhaps one of the truck's only complaints was the lack of high end power that made merging on a busy highway a potentially life threatening experience.


Toyota set out to solve that problem in 1986 by putting a turbo on their 4 Cylinder 22RE and in doing so created the most powerful small 4x4 at the time. The extra 23 horsepower transformed the truck into a beast that as this commercial demonstrates, couldn't be held by chains. When the truck breaks free, there is some off road abuse footage that should still be a mandatory part of truck commercials.

Who could ask for anything more?

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