Illustration for article titled Unbelievably, No One Bought Michael Jackson’s Miraculous Bird Crap Windshield

You know when someone finds the face of the Virgin Mary in a piece of toast? The same thing happened to one man in Sandwich, IL, only with bird shit on his windshield and Michael Jackson. Amazingly, it didn't sell on eBay.


The eBay listing ended with zero bids on its $500 starting price. The entire windshield was up for sale, according to the description.

A bird pooped Michael Jackson on the windshield of my car. -Your purchase will include full windshield including bird poop image. -Are you a collector of rare and unique things? -Are you obsessed with Michael Jackson and want that unique piece no other collector will ever have? -Does his spirit live on? -The questions are endless... -Don't get out bid on this one of a kind collectors piece!!!


We can't believe no one bought this thing. That or it rained.

Photo Credit: eBay Motors

(Hat tip o Eric!)

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