UFO Sightings Reported Near Nuclear Missile Sites

Apparently, aliens spied on nuclear missile sites before discovering rural Arizona was way more strange.

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A few notes on this. Anyone can speak at the DC press club.

They have also been thoroughly debunked. He data does not match the reports he has, nor anyone else who was at the site. Other members of the USAF Nuclear missle squadrons have pointed out there are massive holes in the operating procedure he has described, as well as the fact his military records show he was not at the site he says he was at.

Basically he is trying to link 2 unrelated occurrences. There was an outbreak of UFO sighting a month before a bunch if missels went offline. But at the time the missles went offline no one in that town saw anything during the time period he claims they did.

This guys story had changed through the years in an attempt to match data that does not show anything.

More info on these guys.




As a warning terms like delusiosnal and bat shit crazy are bandied about.