​Uber Partnering With China's BYD To Use Electric Cars In Chicago

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Uber has inked a deal with BYD, one of China's largest automakers, to supply a fleet of electric cars, and the pilot project is reported already underway in Chicago.


Around 25 of BYD's e6 electric sedans have been imported and sold through Chicago dealer Green Wheels USA, and used by Uber drivers over the past few weeks. According to Reuters, the company hopes to expand that fleet into the hundreds by the end of the year as a way to enable the ride-sharing service's drivers to purchase dedicate cars for the service.

The e6 is one of the few Chinese vehicles sold in the U.S. and it's had some success in ride-sharing the UK, with its claimed 186-mile range.

When Uber drivers are done with their shift, they return the e6 to Green Wheels, and reportedly pay around $200 a week for the privilege.

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I have yet to see a BYD on the road anywhere in the US, let alone a test drive.

So, how soon will you guys find an e6 to evaluate and report back to us?