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U-Haul won't rent trailers to Ford Explorer owners

When Consumer Reports tried to rent a trailer for their 2012 Ford Explorer they were turned down by U-Haul. Apparently, the specter of the Firestone/Explorer lawsuits still haunts corporate lawyers despite the fact the 2012 isn't even an SUV.


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Is this news? They have had this rule since the Firestone controversy. Ironically, they will rent it to Mercury Mountaineer and Lincoln Navigators. Just proves U-Haul's stupidity, considering that those are (were) the same vehicles. Shows why whatever dumbass executive that made that rule is working at U-Haul and not say, IBM or GE.

My uncle wanted to rent a U-Haul trailer but has a Ford Explorer (my uncle and I, coincidentally drive the same model, a 1997 Ford Explorer Sport, but this isn't important to the story). They wouldn't rent one to him, so he borrowed my grandfather's Ford Windstar mini-van, rented the trailer, brought it home, then connected it to his Explorer and went on his way.

U-Haul didn't say anything when he pulled up with the trailer on the Explorer afterwards, either. Whatever doofus works there probably doesn't get paid enough to raise a stink.