This appears to be the first image of the all-new unibody 2012 Ford Explorer. Let's look at what this shot can tell us most about โ€” the electric razor-like styling.

The image, tracked down by the 'stang-lovers at The Mustang Source, looks to be the first image of the all-new 2012 Explorer. While we have no firm details yet, we can tell you it's built on Ford's D platform โ€” a platform that until now has only produced pedestrian soft-roaders like the Ford Flex and the Lincoln MKT. Ford's planning a non-auto show unveil for sometime in the near future โ€” but for now let's talk about the looks of the replacement to the king of the body-on-frame SUVs.

Basically, it looks like either a current-gen Ford Explorer mated with a Ford Flex or somebody knee-capped a late-gen model Explorer. What say you?


[TheMustangSource via Autoblog]