Two Pro Drivers Nearly Destroy Their 1000 HP Cars Drifting An Abandoned Mall

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised they made it out unscathed—these are two of the best drivers in the world.


Try to count how many times these two come within inches of destroying two 1,000 horsepower professional drift cars tearing around an abandoned mall in Southern California.

These are nitrous-shot V8-swapped FD cars. They are not easy to drive, as I know personally. That they didn’t leave this shoot on a wrecker is a testament to the guys at the wheel.


Of course, the drivers are professionals themselves: Formula Drift double champion Chris Forsberg and mega hoon buddy Ryan Tuerck keep the cars in check. They might be the only drivers in the world who could pull off this stunt shoot.

Andy Laputka and Shoot First Media shot this for Hoonigan. You know Andy from making maybe the best drifting films this country has ever produced, running sideways on empty secret lots, roads, and now a mall.

This vid might be the gnarliest one yet.


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Raphael Orlove

Some shots from on set. Amazing.