Two Killed After Dakar Rally Vehicle Slams Into Taxi In Peru (Updated)

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As we've said here before, the Dakar Rally is one of the most dangerous motorsports events on Earth. This became especially evident yesterday evening after a rally support vehicle was involved in a crash with two taxis, leaving two people dead and seven others injured.


Eurosport reports that the crash occurred near the Peru-Chlie border. The support vehicle (not the vehicle pictured above — we're still waiting on photos of the crash) slammed into a taxi head on, while a second taxi swerved to avoid the crash and rolled over several times.

South Africa's Sport Live says that two people in the first taxi, including its driver, were killed. In total seven others were injured, including three people in the support vehicle and four others in the second taxi.

Sport Live says that over the years, about 59 people, including 20 spectators, have been killed during the race.


Update: The support vehicle involved in the crash came from the Race 2 Recovery team, a group of competitors consisting of wounded British soldiers and civilian support staff. The Guardian reports that three British members of the team — a driver, a mechanic and a logistics expert — remain hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Team leader Capt. Tony Harris told the newspaper this:

"Our hearts go out to the families and relatives of those who have died in this tragic accident and we offer them our condolences and sympathy.

"Our entire team has been struck by the friendliness and support we have received from the Peruvian people since arriving for the Dakar Rally."


The team has agreed to continue the race with two remaining Wildcat vehicles, they said.

Race 2 Recovery has been featured on Top Gear and in various news outlets. They are hoping to become the first disabled team to complete the Dakar Rally. Clearly, this crash is unfortunate for all involved.


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