Two Inches Of Snow Turns Seattle Supercar Drivers Into Morons Too

We already know two inches of snow is a lot for Seattle. Now, thanks to a Jalopnik reader, watch a pair of less-than-smart supercar drivers try taking an Audi R8 and a Nissan GT-R out for a drive in the Seattle "snowpocalypse." Because apparently, in Seattle, size doesn't matter.


The R8 seemed to be alright making it up the hill, but the driver's mistake was to be behind the GT-R, which, as you can see, was not equipped with tires that were up to the task. Both ended up making a hasty retreat down the hill and onward to more pleasantly plowed thoroughfares.

Screw Mothra — in the epic battle of Godzilla vs. snowstorm — snowstorm wins.

Hat tip to a Jalopnik fan in Seattle!


I swear 65% of "can't drive in snow" videos take place in Seattle.