Two Inches Of Snow Turns Seattle Drivers Into Morons

What makes owners of cars with zero winter prep want to commute in the snow, on a hill, is beyond me. Seattle drivers apparently can't be bothered to... umm... is that someone putting chains on the REAR TIRES of a FWD Toyota Corolla?

Now I get it. Seattle drivers can't be the bothered to prep their cars because when they do they just make terrible decisions. Seriously, we go through this every winter Seattle. Read this list and get it together. Or don't get it together and videotape the results. Either way.


You may have to play this on YouTube because the videographer added delightful musical accompaniment.

(Hat tip to Bob!)

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Can someone explain to me if there are difference between East Coast snow and West Coast snow??? :D

Seriously though, that said a lot about drive skip and how one driver's familiarity makes a world of difference. I have driven a Forester in 20" of snow without ever getting stuck, not being able to drive up a hill, or turn. This was a rental Forester with "All-season" tires. Bone stock. I cannot comprehend that Forester driver in the video skidding all over the place while slowly turning.

That, or there really is a difference between East Coast snow and West Coast snow.