Twin-Turbo Ferrari Enzo Sets 238 MPH Record

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The Twin-Turbo Ferrari Enzo overcame early problems to set a class record speed of 238 mph at Bonneville this weekend. It's now both the fastest and most driven (31,366 miles) Enzo ever.


Richard Losee's twin-turbo Enzo attempted numerous passes to set a record but faced issues getting in the proper tune and, when the car was setup, an improperly deploying chute. Despite these challenges, the team was able to get everything dialed in properly for a last run.


"I had to leave for the airport literally right when we made the run as I was headed for a race in Phoenix," said tuner Shane Tecklenburg. "I was changing the tune up while we were towing the car back to the pit and I left immediately afterward not really knowing if what I had done would be enough to get them there."


It worked, and they set a speed of 238.142 mph and average run of 237.81 mph, setting a Class C (360 cubic-inch) Blown Fuel Modified Sport category and overall Enzo top-speed record.

Buying an Enzo and driving it farther and faster than anyone else is a win in our book.