Rather than let his wrecked Enzo go to waste, one owner has converted his rarer-than-filet-at-Peter-Luger Italian stallion into a 1,000 hp salt flat beast. When we said "Save The Enzos," this twin-turbo Ferrari Enzo was exactly what we meant.

They say there's no use crying over spilled milk, and in this case there's no use bawling about a trashed Enzo. Of course, there's no turbocharging spilled milk. The car belongs to Richard Losee, who crashed the car at a rally in 2006 (see it destroyed here).


Everything is "unofficial" at this point but here's what we know: skinny tires, aerodynamic nose modification, lower ride height, and two turbos on the 6.0-liter V12. Early reports say this is running 850 hp on the dyno at 11-to-12 lbs of boost and should run into the thousands at 18-to-20 pounds. Compare all that to the stock 651 hp output.

It should run at Speed Week later this week and, we hope, destroy the car's stock top speed of 226 mph. Dare to dream, Enzo, dare to dream.


Update: Turns out the skin for the twin-turbo Enzo was donated by none other than the great James Glickenhaus. It's the original body of the P4/5. It just keeps getting better.


[Daily Derbi]

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