TVR is coming back! True gearheads feel this news deep in their guts, in that gland that secretes whatever that hormone that inhibits rational decisions is called. We’ve known it’s coming for a while, but this is the first hint from TVR as to what the reborn Griffin will look like. And it’s made of tape.

TVR is being a real biscuit-hole about embedding the video in posts like this, but you can see it on YouTube here and there’s that GIF to give you a bit of an idea. But here’s what the end product looks like:


The new TVR Griffith seems like it will be a modern interpretation of the old TVR formula, which is great. It’ll be built on a carbon fiber tub, with a Ford 5.0-liter-based Cosworth V8, and, according to Autocar UK, will make over 400 horsepower, get to 60 in under four seconds, and start at about $95,000.

As far as how it looks, according to those insanely-skilled tape wielders up there, I’d say it looks pretty promising. It seems like we’ll be getting the sort of exuberant, bonkers-enough TVR styling treatment we’ve come to expect. It looks low and long and curvy, with a lot of emphasis on the wheels, which is never a bad idea.

Autocar also has some pics of the car under a sheet at the London Motor Show, but so far a tape mockup and a sheet-covered car are all we have to see, but it’ll be uncovered very soon.

Not that a day or two matters that much if you’re considering buying one, because the whole run of cars for 2017 is already sold out.


Personally, I hope the rear resembles the old Griffin 400, with those Cortina taillights. Man, I love those.


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