Turning Abandoned Railroad Tracks Into A Drinker's Paradise

The broke-ass alternative travelers of Punk Nomad have shown that abandoned railroad tracks are more than just a rusty eyesore, but a whole world of potential for home-built motorized railroad carts, for adventure, and for carefree drunk driving.

The cart is called a "Rail Rider" and it's not much more than a frame, some canvas, four wheels, and a Honda motor. It tops out at 30 mph, but when you're riding on un-maintained tracks around SoCal's Salton Sea and you don't totally know what's ahead of you, high speed isn't always wise.


As one of the riders points out in the video, it's also not a great idea to go too fast because you spend most of your time on the Rail Rider drinking beer. When you're out in the middle of nowhere, you might as well enjoy yourself. Just keep an eye out for rocks on the tracks and make extra sure no actual trains use your chosen stretch of rails.

It's not the fastest way to spend an afternoon, and it's not the safest either, but it looks like one of the most fun. I have got to get me one of these!

(Hat tip to Timma!)

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