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Turn Your SUV Into A Canyonero With These Awesome Etsy Badges

Illustration for article titled Turn Your SUV Into A Canyonero With These Awesome Etsy Badges

Usually when I hear "Etsy" and "car accessories" in the same sentence, I picture a colossal knitted car cozy or maybe a shift knob made from the head of an old troll doll. I'm happy to say I'm a big jerk who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, since these fake car badges are pretty fun and are available on an Etsy store.


The selection is pretty great, and skews heavily to the geeky: there's Tardis badges, Commodore 64 and Atari 2600, AT-AT, Land Speeder, Canyonero, USS Enterprise registration numbers, and the always handy POS.


What makes the badges (which are cast in plastic from silicone molds) so effective is how well they ape the slightly futuristic blocky letterforms used by so many car companies now. These badges would probably go unnoticed unless you were really looking.

This is such a fun idea I'm sort of surprised I haven't seen it before. I suspect once 3D printing becomes more common we'll see even more of this sort of thing, and I'm all for that.

(Thanks, Matt Montoy!)

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Ash78, voting early and often

People have been doing this forever with car badges that have unique and separate lettering (as opposed to the older pre-90s trend of a single piece), but I always find it sort of tacky.

I'm leaving my VW ASSPAT V6 badging alone.