Four-year-old Muhammet Dirlik was minding his own business when a driver swerved to miss a puppy, hitting the boy instead, throwing him ten feet onto the concrete below. Amazingly, Muhammet got up and ran away, unharmed.

Following the incident, Muhammet rushed to his father, who didn't know the boy had actually been hit and didn't discover it until the next day when watching the CCTV footage. The driver claims he swerved to miss that puppy and hit the boy, losing control of the car and winning "worst decision maker of the year" award. It's pretty incredible the boy escaped unscathed, considering the speed of the car, and the drop, not to mention he landed clear of where the car landed. If a butterfly in Africa had flapped its wings a bit differently, this story could have been a whole lot more sad. [BBCNews]