Car enthusiasts love stripped-out, factory-built "race cars for the road." What happens when someone turns one back into a racecar?

This is Evosport's CLK63 AMG Black Series. As of August 26th, it will be the only Mercedes-Benz road racing in the USA.


This particular CLK63 Black started out as a tuner car by Evosport Racing in Huntington Beach. It deserved more than speeding on public roads and going to track days, so they converted the car to full racing specifications. Now it will face Cadillac CTS-Vs, Porsche GT3 Cups, Audi R8 LMSs, Corvettes, and GT-Rs in the Pirelli World Challenge GT class.

It looks like Evosport has a good team and a solid driver, but it will still be under development in its first races. We're just happy to see a super fast tuner car move off the street completely and live out the rest of its life on the track.


Photo Credit: Evosport Racing

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