Trump On Sergio Marchionne: 'He Is My Favorite'

Trump and Sergio hanging out.
Trump and Sergio hanging out.
Photo: Evan Vucci (AP)

Execs from major automakers are spending their Friday morning with President Donald Trump, trying to do whatever they can to convince him not to roll back fuel economy standards as aggressively as he plans to. Before the meeting, the Detroit Free Press reports, Trump singled out one exec in particular: Fiat Chrysler’s Sergio Marchionne, whom he called “my favorite.”


Trump said he’d like for automakers to continue increasing production in Michigan, which is a fine, but highly unlikely action. Here’s more from the Freep:

General Motors’ Mary Barra, Ford’s Jim Hackett and Fiat Chrysler’s Sergio Marchionne were part of the group meeting with Trump and administration officials in the Roosevelt Room.

The meeting was called to talk about changes to fuel efficiency standards. Last month, the Trump administration announced it would roll back mile-per-gallon standards for model years 2022-26 from tougher standards put in place by the Obama administration.

That’s when he pointed to Marchionne, with this:

Trump said he wants “more cars to be made in the United States. ... millions of more cars.” He also specifically noted Fiat Chrysler’s planned expansion in Michigan, saying “Right now, he (Marchionne) is my favorite person in the room.”

Endearing. Meanwhile, Trump offered up his typical non-answer when it comes to where the North American Free Trade Agreement. Negotiations over the pact remain ongoing.

“We’ll see what happens,” Trump reportedly said. We always do!

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Mergio Sarchionne

What an honor. I mean... I have no stake in America after I retire next year seeing as I’m Canadian/Italian. But thanks anyway!

FCA sales data shows a strong correlation between FCA buyers and supporting Trump. Our brand image for Dodge/Ram/Jeep is very #MAGA.

Voting Trump and buying FCA are similar experiences. You do it because it promises something different and exciting from the status quo, but after a year and a half everything is broken and you’re left wishing that you’d chosen something else.