True Tales Of Your Most Hellish Bus And Train Rides

The Italian Job
The Italian Job
CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

When I first asked you for your most hellish train or bus tales, I’m not sure why I wasn’t expecting the sheer number of vomit-related stories to end up here. But you just gotta let it out, you know?


After reading through your responses, which include abhorrent delays, starvation, bodily fluids and breakdowns, I’m now convinced that in the future I will just shell out the extra money for the plane ticket.

Or maybe I won’t go anywhere ever again.

Influenza (jackcaff)

Who had the flu? WHO?

Bullet Hole (Mr. Van)

It was a fast trip.

The MTA (CameHereToSaySomething)

Ah, our old friend, the MTA.


Crash (JiveMasterT)

Beware of the head car.


Guess The Country (Needmoargarage)

Wait, what about the bus robbery?


Juicy Fruit (Takuro Spirit doesn’t like M3s)

The windows on the bus all fall out, all fall out, all fall out...


Bring The TP (IKnowMyCarIsAnEconomyCarWithATurboOnIt)

It’s a luxury rather than a right.


Red Flags (area man)

It’s all about the loopholes.


Gone (DoesntLikeYou)

The world is a cruel place.


Water Damage (facw)

Umbrellas up!


Bugs (NewPhoneWhoDat)

It wasn’t your fault.


Oh, Hey Amtrak (Pete)

You can just eat the air.


Learning Things (Schmideo Video)

Learning things about roaches, to be precise.

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I think anyone on this ill-fated trip takes the cake hands down.