Truck Nuts. Literally.

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Thanks to perverse and vigilant Jalopnik reader Mike Poller, we now see the inevitable combination of the Carpocalypse and truck nuts — recession-proof, SAE-grade truck nuts.


These do-it-yourself truck nuts on the cheap were spotted over the weekend on a Dodge Ram sitting in Tropical Park in Miami, Florida. As you can see, the owner really went above and beyond the call of nut-making duty. He (undoubtedly a he) didn't stop with a big pair of nuts wired together and slung around the hitch, no, in a feat of true redneck innovation, he added rear-facing air horns. Sir, we tip our Pabst Blue Ribbon hats to you. (Thanks for the picture Mike)



I'm jealous I didn't think of it first. Obviously I'm drinking the wrong kind of bourbon.