Truck Driver Sees Inevitable Crash Before It Happens

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Thanks to one trucker’s dashcam, we can see how another painfully avoidable wreck happened from start to finish.

In this video spotted by SpeedSociety, you can see how the trucker ahead tries to pull a u-turn at the narrow end of a weigh station. It is instantly clear to the trucker behind that the still-quite-sizable pickup truck and trailer are about to get clobbered.

And they do.

Once you put enough miles under your belt, I think you start to see a lot of this stuff coming.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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My take? Trucker in the front was probably having a shitty day, saw the pickup/camper parked all the way at the end the lane making his U-turn even more difficult. Probably decided to the spook the pickup driver to teach him a lesson (what? I am not exactly sure, but then Im not a trucker so) and scare him by cutting it a little close. He misjudged the distance and well, predictable result.

None of this surprises me, I took a long road trip this summer and was just flat out amazed out how inconsiderate and just flat out stupid the truck drivers were. Like just blindly pulling out into traffic when they are only going 65MPH with a 70-75 MPH posted speed limit to pass their buddy who is only going 64.5MPH, in the rougly 3000 miles covered this summer, I saw no less than a half a doze near accidents where cars often had to take to the shoulder to avoid massive crashes caused by ignorant “I own tha road bitches” trucker assholes. Then there were near misses in the rest stops where truckers would just fly through the parking area where people are walking around with their kids, or racing people to the exits/ crowding people trying to merge at the on-ramps etc. The only shocking thing about the incident above is that he didnt just skip the U-turn and plow straight into the pickup driver to begin with.

I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating, I cannot wait for the robots/autonomous trucks to come.