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Eating heathy is important. It’s well-understood that a diet that does not include enough fresh fruits and vegetables can kill you. You know what else can kill you? A car, slamming into your idiot ass because you decided to dice tomatoes and chop onions on the fuel tank of your truck by the side of the road. Like this guy did, in the UK.

The BBC reports that yesterday, road police near St. Albans spotted a trucker parked on the side of the busy M25 motorway. When the police came to check on him, they found the trucker hunched over one of his diesel tanks, which he was using as a counter to prepare his lunch, a heathy repast consisting of tomatoes and onions (maybe we’d call those chives?). I think that salad needs something else. Maybe some romaine? Maybe he had some in the cab he hadn’t gotten to yet.


The driver received a fine for his extraordinarily bad judgement as to where he’d set up his prep kitchen. Really, having low cholesterol hardly matters when your healthy, low-fat organs are ground into the tarmac of the M25.

This guy couldn’t wait to find an exit to pull off onto? He’s this healthy about what he eats, and yet he’s cool with huffing all the exhaust that wafts off the freeway?

It it even possible to have a craving for a two-ingredient salad so strong that you have to stop right flapping now? I’m baffled.

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