Remember when you were a little kid, and how happy your racecar bed made you? Sure you do. Why should you have to give that up now that you're an adult in a tuxedo with an untied bow tie and a sexy lady in underwear waiting for you? You shouldn't, says 1970s Triumph. Not if you have a TR7!

This TR7 ad is pretty amazing. I'm not totally sure what, exactly they're getting at here, beyond the usual girls-will-want-to-bone-you-if-you-drive-our-car angle. Is it really that great a bed replacement? Doesn't anyone care about carbon monoxide poisoning?

Also, the tagline for the ad:

The TR7 Drophead — Quick, before it's too late.

Quick what? Before what's too late? Is that lady in the stockings and negligé about to leave? Is she a call girl and did the guy waste 55 minutes untying that bow tie? What's going on here? Will the car turn back into an Austin Metro at midnight and the girl back into a stolen zoo chimp?


Someone help me out here.