Tree Falls On 4Runner, 4Runner Refuses To Die

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When a freak storm blew a gigantic tree on this guy's Toyota 4Runner in the middle of nowhere, he didn't just sit around and wait for a tow. He drove the thing right into town.


Of course, a chainsaw helped.

LiveLeak user izzardking posted this video showing off how the whole event happened.

Here's his caption.

It's been a while and I'm coming up on the anniversary of when my truck was crushed by a tree during a freak windstorm, was just doing a bit of reminiscing and thought i would share it here.

ended up driving the truck to the closest bar (the only bar in town) and had drinks until the tow truck showed up.... a picture of my truck and crew now hangs in the bar....

it was a hell of an experience!!!!

You can see more of his pictures in full res right here on the Toyota 4Runner Forum. Now I'm starting to understand why people adore these Toyotas so much.

Photo Credit: izzardking


The Toyota 4runner does not actually burn fuel. It accepts it as a sacrifice.

The large hadron collier is actually an experiment to find out what the 4runner is made of.

Toyota made a promotional film describing the construction of the first 4Runner. It is called "NEON GENESIS EVANGELLION"

The reason Toyota used a tundra instead of a 4Runner to tow the shuttle was that the 4runner would've ripped the landing gear off.

The 4Runner does not actually drive. It rotates the Earth to your desired position.