Travis Pastrana's Backyard Is A Daredevil's Paradise

Travis Pastrana, in addition to driving Dodge's 600-horsepower rallycross Dart, also runs a fairly-unhinged stunt show called Nitro Circus. In the crew's spare time, they like to jump Golfs in Pastrana's backyard.


That's not a trained professional behind the wheel. Pastrana bought the VW, but he left it in a ditch to be picked up by anyone who wanted to drive it to his house. One of the kids who brought the Golf home is the driver. As Pastrana (in the white tee) explains, the seatbelts don't work and the kids could have gone right through the window if they didn't nail the jump.

It might be a jump set up by pros, but those are true, dumb hoons in that car.


For Sweden

Of all the VWs he could use to do jumps, he picks a Golf?