Transformers 2 Pictures Show *GASP* A Robot!

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Another day of filming Transformers 2 has unveiled some key insights. The first is that Transformers 2 will feature robots; in this particular case, a sort of smaller, dragon-like Transformer who feeds on whomever is inside that vehicle. Given that most of the scenes filmed at Princeton University have featured the Saturn Astra, one could make an assumption that the vehicle pictured is the same Astra, especially noting the windshield slope and sunroof placement. Click through to see the next insight. Yes, it's about Megan Fox.


Our next photo includes a shot of Isabel Lucas, Ramon Rodriguez and Megan Fox. The item we immediately notice is that Megan Fox isn't as tanned as she was in the first installment of Transformers, which is a damned shame. Check out the picture and video below for reference, and you be the judge. [The Prox]

Illustration for article titled Transformers 2 Pictures Show *GASP* A Robot!

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I would prefer Ravage to be played by a Jaguar XK.

Preferably mine.

I would rather ride on the back of a mechanical Jaguar for my morning commute.

Unfortunatly, after a few days, I have the feeling that Ravage would be blind in one eye, dragging a leg, and bleeding ATF everywhere.

And this would be before meeting up with any Autobots.

Come to think of it, since the Autobots seem to be made up of a ton of crappy cars this time, minus the vette concept, and the awesomeness that is and always will be Bumblebee, how about adding the "Lucascons" to the Decepticons?

You could have "Lights Out" an MGB GT, "Smoke Screen" a Triumph GT6, "Sparks" a Lotus Europa, and "OMG, For The Love Of All Things Holy, My Tachometer Just Caught On Fire!" a TVR Tasmin