Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is filming some kind of chase scene this week on the set of Princeton University featuring the Saturn Astra we saw on set last week. These videos, caught by some intrepid students, indicate the Astra appears to be damaged, so one could suggest it's probably not a Transformer and rather the daily driver for a character other than Shia LaBeouf's. We mean, why would he want to cheat on his beloved Bumblebee? Also caught on film is a scene of Shia running around carrying books and talking on a cell phone and seemingly running from giant fake robots. You know, like every other student in the world. But if there's one car we want more than the Camaro, it's got to be the little Shelly Ward-created Pursuit GKart Camera. That go-cart-on-coke looks a lot more fun than the Astra. [Transformers Live]