Transfomers In Detroit: Michael Bay Will Lay Waste To Your City

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As a word of warning, if Michael Bay says "I want to film my movie in your city" — say no. Just because it's a movie like Transformers — and he's like some big muckety-muck director, it doesn't matter. The guy's a "shoot for the edit" kind of director. That means he'll do as much damage as possible shooting one of his big-budget flicks — ten times the damage to your town, city or favorite asteroid as is necessary — just to make sure he's got the right shot when he gets back to the edit room where he'll splice together the best of the carnage. Best bet's just to not let him get anywhere near you, your loved ones, your belongings or the city you call home. Lucky for Detroit, we're used to fires, explosions and the sounds of random gunfire. It's part of the reason we're the most masculine city on earth. If you don't believe it — check out the huge gallery of explosive shots one of our readers took of General Bay storming downtown Detroit. Or as we here in the Motor City like to call it — Wednesday.

[Transformers In Detroit - Gallery #2]

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