Transformers In Detroit: It's Both The Size Of Your Memory Stick And How You Use It

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Although we weren't able to get anywhere near filming of the Transformers Movie in downtown Detroit today, ItsJeff over at the DetroitYES! forums served as a great embedded reporter, snapping away at the mayhem from a fairly safe distance. ItsJeff got pictures of the Porsche Cayenne camera mount, a bit of the action and even a truck exploding. Oh wait, he didn't get a truck exploding. Why not? Well, let's let him tell you:

Yeah, they just blew up a truck. That's when I learned that my memory stick is full.


D'oh! See, this is why you always carry some kind of memory stick enhancement with you — whether it's a card reader or maybe just a few more megabytes to fluff things up a bit, you always want to make sure your stick's as big as you can get it. Especially if you want to satisfy the fan boys. Anyway, he did get some cool shots, and we've got the gallery to prove it. [Transformers In Detroit Gallery]

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