Looks like we got to find out what kind of sweetness the Pontiac Solstice could have been if it had a hard-top, and a huge-ass Superbird-like spoiler on the ass β€” that's right, it'd be the alt-form of Autobot super-stud and former Porsche 935 Turbo, Jazz. And with him on film, the boys at TMZ.com have picked up film of the yellow-n-red-cross'ed out Hummer that's the alt-form of Autobot medic, Ratchet. But that ain't all they caught on tape...

...there's also what may possibly be the world's most expensive camera crane β€” a camera rig mounted atop what looks to be a Porsche Cayenne. WTF, Bay...not only do you desecrate our childhood by making the world's nastiest looking Transformers, but you've also managed to blow a huge chunk o' change on a one-time Cayenne camera mount. But whatevs, dude β€” it'll all be forgiven if you drop us a line with a great deal on the Cayenne+camera when you're done with it. UPDATE: Zany Zerin over at Dubspeed Driven informed us that the turbo-ed Cayenne camera car's more than likely a product of the folks at Shelly Ward Enterprises β€” the folks who can hi-speed cam just about any car.

Transformers Live-Action Movie On-Set Footage [tmz.com]

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