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Exclusive Transformers Update: On-Set Footage Of Jazz And Ratchet, And A Porsche Cayenne Camera Mount?

Looks like we got to find out what kind of sweetness the Pontiac Solstice could have been if it had a hard-top, and a huge-ass Superbird-like spoiler on the ass — that's right, it'd be the alt-form of Autobot super-stud and former Porsche 935 Turbo, Jazz. And with him on film, the boys at have picked up film of the yellow-n-red-cross'ed out Hummer that's the alt-form of Autobot medic, Ratchet. But that ain't all they caught on tape...


...there's also what may possibly be the world's most expensive camera crane — a camera rig mounted atop what looks to be a Porsche Cayenne. WTF, Bay...not only do you desecrate our childhood by making the world's nastiest looking Transformers, but you've also managed to blow a huge chunk o' change on a one-time Cayenne camera mount. But whatevs, dude — it'll all be forgiven if you drop us a line with a great deal on the Cayenne+camera when you're done with it. UPDATE: Zany Zerin over at Dubspeed Driven informed us that the turbo-ed Cayenne camera car's more than likely a product of the folks at Shelly Ward Enterprises — the folks who can hi-speed cam just about any car.

Transformers Live-Action Movie On-Set Footage []

Transformers Movie Update: Jazz Is A Pontiac Solstice?; Transformers Movie Update! Mommy, Bumblebee And Optimus Prime Are Scary Looking! [internal]


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Mike Spinelli

Speaking of which, the most awesome tracking car ever was probably the Ford GT40 John Frankenheimer used in the filming of "Grand Prix."

"The film's most innovative piece of equipment was a race prepared Ford GT40, capable of speeds even faster than the racing cars used in 'Grand Prix'. The Ford GT was fitted with camera mounts both front and rear which were remotely controlled by Electronic Camera Operator John Stephens. A race prepared Shelby Cobra was also fitted with camera mounts. Phil Hill and Bob Bondurant shared the driver duties."