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We woke up this morning at 5:30, intent on finding a good parking spot downtown to see if we could catch some hot stylized Saleen Camaro on stylized Saleen Mustang action, and maybe even catch some shots of celebs (what can we say โ€” Megan Fox is just that) downtown in the dirty D. So we made it down there found a parking spot, and other than the above shot, we found jack squat. We couldn't get anywhere near the action โ€” police and security were on every corner, and although we're more than happy to get a jaywalking ticket on behalf of the job, we certainly weren't looking for a trespassing charge. But, lucky for us โ€” reader Eric found a way to get us some information on what's going on:

I'm overlooking the set, the Transformers movie is filming right now, mostly car crash scene for now. No robots yet, all I see are late model cars - an '02 GTO, a late-model BMW 5 series, late model camry, a Dodge Stratus, and a Lexus RX-something. Couple other cars scattered around, nothing ultra-futuristic. WOrd around here is it's today only.

Although it sounds slightly less than the dramaticness we'd hoped for โ€” it's better than nothing, right? We'll try to get back later for more pictures, video or whatever else we can get. In the meantime, our Hollywood obsessed brother blog's got some video of filming going on in Hollywood.

On The Set With Michael Bay [Defamer]

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