Holy Spielberg! First Leaked Set Pics From Transformers Live Action Movie! (Added Bonus: GM's Probably Gonna Build The Camaro!)

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Wow, we were totally so thinking about this one today — wondering when our greasy little fan-boy hands were gonna be able to find leaked spy pics from the set of the live-action Transformers movie. Thanks to a friendly neighborhood fan-site, our comic-book wet dreams have been granted — they've got the first pics from the set — and they are epic. First we have a Saleen Mustang dressed up with a Decepticon insignia. Despite some problems we may have with that — because everyone knows Decepticons weren't cars — only Autobots were cars — it's still farking sweet. Second — we've got a Saleen Camaro — and yes, it's a Saleen version of the Camaro concept. So that can only mean one thing — if GM's dropping the money on having this and not the Corvette included in the movie — the General's more than likely gonna be rolling this one out like Autobots rolling out with Prime. [Mad props to Hue Hughes on this one!]

Update: According to fan site Allspark the Saleen Camaro is the new 'Bumblebee.' With the new Bug rumored to be ending production, VDub must have not wanted to pay for the rights — giving Chevy the in — and further evidence the Camaro will be built.

Update #2: We've got a whole lot more Transformers action — including on-set pictures of Bumblebee transformed! Bookmark our Transformers tag to keep up with the hotness as we get it.


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