Transformers Movie Leaks Coming Fast And Furious — Bumblebee Robot And Teaser Trailer Pics

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Yeah, sorry for the mixed movie titles on the headline — but it's true. Today we've seen a picture of a huge animatronic Bumblebee (who was just dressed up as a Camaro last time we saw him) from the new live-action Transformers movie scheduled for release next summer. But that's only part one — after the jump (SPOILER WARNING) we've got screen captures and a description of the teaser trailer is due to hit theaters next week during the Fourth of July movie season. Oh yeah, it's totally drifting in Fast and Furious — damnit, there we go again. Thanks to Hue and the folks over at TFW2005 for the tips! [UPDATE: Paramount put the kibosh on our pic of the new Bumblebee, so instead we've got a shot of his Beetle-based antecedent's feet.]


[UPDATE 2: The trailer is live!


We apologize to anyone coming to this post expecting to see a picture of the trademarked "Bumblebee" from the new live-action Transformers Movie. Paramount Pictures has asked us to take this information off of our site. We have complied — but only grudgingly. If however, you reached this post searching for the award-winning song "I'm Bringing Home A Baby Bumblebee," here's a link.

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