Train Derailment Near BMW Plant Trashes 120 Ultimate Driving Machines

Photo: KWES (screengrab)
Photo: KWES (screengrab)

In South Carolina, some 120 BMWs were headed by rail from the BMW plant in Greer to Charleston, when the train they were on derailed, cutting short the lives of these innocent Bavarian ultimate driving machines, KWES reports. Sad!

According to the news site, a train carrying 12 rail cars somehow fell off the tracks in Jenkinsville, South Carolina.

KWES quotes BMW’s statement, which said all the vehicles in the derailed cars were X models heading from the plant to the Port of Charleston to be exported, and that “about 120 BMWs have been damaged as a result of the derailment.”


Luckily, the news site says there were no human injuries, and that BMW is headed to the scene to assess the damage. Norfolk Southern, the rail company, said they’ve re-railed two of the locomotives and four rail cars, but the other cars were too damaged to get back on the tracks, which were also damaged and undergoing repairs.

Hopefully BMW can repair some of these cars, too. It’s such a shame. They never got a chance to live a happy life, roaming free to tailgate and peel out and never, ever use their turn signals, as BMWs should.

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MK6GTI-now with added Miata

Repair them and do what with them, though? Send them to dealers like it never happened? Major liability issue, I would think.