The Latest BMW Art Car Is Like Wearing A Shirt With Your Own Face On It

BMW commissioned artist John Baldessari to create a design for its 19th art car for the 40th anniversary of the art car collection, dressing a white BMW M6 GTLM that will race in January’s Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.


Baldessari is known for his unique style of modern art that isn’t quite pop art, nor conceptual art, but an application of existing images with shapes and color, often with either stark contrasting elements or blatantly obvious elements.

He went with the latter on his M6 GTLM art car, with the word “FAST” spelled out on one side and an image of a clean white version of the M6 GTLM on the other door. In the front is a red circle and a green circle, obviously signalling stop and go. The giant red circle on the top of the car is meant to make it stand out from overhead drone or helicopter shots.


Baldessari, in an interview about the car with Forbes, says the M6 GTLM is his first attempt at painting a 3D object. He claims the car’s obvious satirical features are meant to be commentary on art. How artsy!

His only other work featuring a car was ‘Splashed Blue’ featuring a Mercedes 400SL which you can see here.


You can catch the 18 other BMW art cars and their history over at this handy tumblr page that’s been set up here. The 585 horsepower M6 GTLM will race at the 24 Hours of Daytona in January.

This article originally confusedly claimed this car was something something GT3. It is not. It is a M6 GTLM.

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