Toyota-Zilla Releases 2007 Global Sales Projection, Lays Waste To GM

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And just like that — a century of US sales dominance in the automotive industry will end. Not with the sound of a revving engine or squealing tires, but that of a report whirring out of a laser printer made in China.The number one super-best awesome automaker from the land of the rising sun issued 2007 global sales projections last night that'll more than likely mean they'll be the number one super-best awesome automaker in the whole world. ToMoCo's projecting an increase from this year's 8.8 million vehicles sold worldwide to a better-than-the-rest 9.34 million. Although the General's not providing a forecast at this time, its 2006 number pegged sales at 9.2 million and with plants being shuttered, one would expect them to not even reach that high come 2007. But GM should look on the bright side — now they get to be the plucky up-start — and we all know how much America loves the underdog. Well, right up until they kick him.

Toyota's Sales Projections Show It Surpassing G.M. [NYT]

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