Toyota Wants To Take It In The Ear Just Like US Automakers

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ToMoCo's finally bowing down and taking it just like the domestics, by instituting the MoCo's first ever monthly sales call — just like the rest of the schmucks US automakers. The domestics have doled out quotes and spin by way of Ma Bell since she first invented the party line and conference call. It's high time Toyota left the ranks of the too-high-n-mighty and take lumps like the rest of them from the business geniuses hacks writers populating the pundit class. Now we'll finally get a chance to hear ToMoCo PR folks respond to insightful questions like "Is Toyota looking to sell off Lexus?" the next time the luxe brand has a down month in sales or "Will Ken Watanabe play himself in the 'Ask Chairman' Ken ads?" Yup, ToMoCo's sitting at the big kid's table now, ain't they — although they may want to have that conference call at a more Eastern-Standard-Time friendly hour, don't they know journalists hate being inconvenienced? Full detail-less media advisory after the jump.


Topic: Year-end conference call with an executive of Toyota
Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
Date: Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Time: Noon, Pacific Time
Dial In #: 1.888.XXX.XXXX (from US only)
Passcode: Toyota Sales


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3 in the afternoon is inconvenient for east coast hacks? When DO they hit the bar?

Anyway, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai, at least their american sides, are west-cost centric, so the timing makes sense.