Illustration for article titled Toyota Uses Death To Pitch Cars At Chinese Customers

To Americans, Toyota offers "peace of mind." In China, Toyota offers a similar theme, except with cartoon versions of the Grim Reaper looming over its vehicles. It's OK, because sudden acceleration only happened in America.


The ad text hypes Toyota's safety features known as the Global Opportunity Assessment: "As a result, the most that the god of death can bring is only a shock like 'Jack in the box', but not any actual danger or harm."

See, Chinese buyers just don't draw the same associations between Toyotas and possibile death that a few Americans have because of the deaths linked to Toyotas. Besides, isn't that just the cutest Grim Reaper ever? It'd look great as an inflatable balloon floating over a few dealerships during the next Toyotathon. "Killer Savings!" "The Deal You Can't Refuse!" "Death, Taxes, Toyota!" Like driving a Corolla. [Copyranter/Ads Of The World]

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