Toyota's Awfully-Timed Zombie Corolla Ad

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Toyota launched an ad campaign featuring dead people crowding around a Toyota vehicle under both recalls just as the estimated death toll from unintended acceleration accidents rises to 34. Seriously.

We're generally pro-Zombie, but the Toyota Corolla is under both the sticking pedal and floor mat recall so this advertisement may be seen by some as being in poor taste. The image itself of a Corolla surrounded by dead people (think, former Toyota drivers) feels like a punchline to a joke people tastelessly continue making.

The copy isn't bad, stating the Corolla is "Equipped for a zombie attack or," though we don't imagine they're happy with the implication in "The Toyota Corolla — a blaze of hard-core dependability built for survival." Yeah, the word "a blaze" and "survival" maybe shouldn't be in any ads this month.


Since this seems to be focused mostly on urban, print media (Black Enterprise and Complex among them) we're guessing these ad buys were either too soon or too small to catch the attention of someone responsible for avoiding the connection between death and Toyotas. Or they're just really tone deaf. (Hat tip to Slimwhitman)

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

The Toyota saga just gets funnier and funnier. I need a good place to sit so I can witness this train wreck unfold.