Toyota! Toyota! Toyota! #2 Automaker War-Games Options for GM Alliance

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We kind of knew Toyota wasn't going to stand by and let their big shot at being number one best automaker drop away like they were the last gal left standing at the Sadie Hawkins dance. Although it's rumorific like nothing else and complete conjecture — the weekly mag on all-things Business is reporting Toyota may seek a shot at going "Big" with their own bid for the cash-strapped Detroit-based automaker. BusinessWeek reports:

"Sources close to Toyota say the company is considering its options and looking at different opportunities that they could propose to GM. ""Toyota has no interest in seeing an alliance like this [linking Renault, Nissan and GM] take place," said an executive who asked not to be identified...One Toyota source says the company has "war-gamed" a way to assist GM."


Why do we imagine a scene similar to the one at the beginning of "Tora! Tora! Tora!" where the Japanese generals are all standing around looking at the Pearl Harbor sand tables — except in our imagination it's the RenCen and the Detroit River? [Hat tip to Jeffrey!]

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